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I'm an independent illustrator/graphic recorder/animator based in Cork, Ireland

After graduating from International Development and Food Policy (BSc) in 2013, where I gained an understanding of the big issues facing humanity, I wondered what my role would be in addressing these issues. I realised that storytelling is a powerful tool for change so I went on to study Graphic Design and Illustration so I could tell important stories visually

Around this time, I discovered the art of Graphic Recording, which involves listening to the ideas being presented at a conference or workshop and translating them into a striking visual record. This work takes me to interesting places and, since 2016, I've worked all over Ireland and internationally capturing a diverse range of topics with my markers or an Ipad. Graphic Recording, along with illustration and graphic design and some other arty things, make up my day job. You can see some of the clients I have worked with below.


I can't stop signing up for courses and during the pandemic I did a level 5 course in Permaculture (sustainable horticulture) and a certificate in Arts in Group Facilitation. This academic year (2023/24) I am studying Permaculture level 6 in Kinsale college. 

I have a workspace in Totem Studios in Cork city centre, which I share with a writer, a puppeteer and a PhD student!

If you would like to work with me, get in touch! 


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