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Graphic Recording - Paper

Graphic Recording, also known as Graphic Harvesting or Visual Scribing, is a method of visualising information, usually created live during a conference or workshop. How it works is I listen to the ideas being presented and then, using paper and markers or an Ipad, translate these into a concise visual representation. The resulting image can then be used to promote the work of the organisation or business, can be used in reports, or shared on social media to increase engagement. The live drawing creates a buzz at an event, as participants can watch the drawings evolve over the course of the session.


Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, I have been offering digital graphic recording on my Ipad for webinars. Participants can see my screen throughout the session and watch the drawing evolve - an antidote to Zoom fatigue!  If you think graphic recording could work for your event, get in touch

Graphic Recording - Digital
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