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Drawesome meet-up

I'm not the only one doing graphic recording in Ireland - oh no! I'm lucky to be part of a group of visual practitioners called Drawesome or Dr. Awesome and we are nearly all women. This Saturday I'm delighted to be hosting the Drawesomers at my base Sample-Studios (I need to go hoover my studio!). I've ordered some rolls of paper and we're going to have a big drawing jam followed by dinner in my house. Yay! We also have serious things to discuss like getting ourselves organised and letting people know what we do. We have a website ready for ourselves

It's lovely to be part of a community of people who all do the same work, particularly as most of us work solo. We all have very different styles and areas of expertise so it isn't like we are in direct competition. Also we can share work between us, talk about the tricky issue of pricing and hopefully some of us will be able to collaborate on a big graphic recording soon. I'll post photos of our meet-up on here.

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