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Culture Night

I'm super excited to be drawing on the windows on the top floor of the County Hall in Cork for Culture Night which is happening Friday September 22nd 2017, as part of an evening of music, poetry, puppetry, art and crafts organised by Leah Hearne.

I will be illustrating work by Cork writers which relates to the views out the window as well as bringing to life the stories of Culture-night goers.

As a child, as we drove past, I would always stick my face to the window to see that crazy tall building. To me this area of Cork with the long straight road, the Lee fields, the strange dragon sculpture and that tall tall building, is full of magic and stories. Do you feel the same? Do you have stories and memories of the world that can be seen from these windows? Then call up on Culture Night, share your story with me and I will do my best to draw them!

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