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'A Change Can Happen' book project

This Summer I was involved in an exciting project called 'A Change Can Happen', a series of 10 books for children, all with an underlying message of tolerance and respect. Written and produced by Emily Stickland, each book featured a different issue which might affect children, including bullying, LGBT, anxiety and the environment.

My book, which focuses on ambition, follows the story of a bonsai tree who is stuck in a garden and longs to be as tall as the other trees and see the vibrant city in which he lives (Cork of course). One day a a Japanese spitz dog called Maverick runs into the garden and befriends the bonsai tree and they have an adventure (that's all I can say!). The books are to be published in Autumn and the hope is to be featured on the Late Late Toy show. Watch this space!

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